The Last King of Scotland

Slander: Idi Amin was supposedly the "last king of Scotland."

This is a short one, but necessary (imagine how few husbands have had the confidence to say that on their honeymoons; we're in short-supply).

There hasn't been a King of Scotland since 1651, when Charles II was crowned and later fled after his band of ninny's was defeated by Cromwell's tight-ass puritans. When thing's cooled down, the Kingdom of Scotland merged with the Kingdom of England to form Great Britain. There's no way this Amin character was in any involved. It's been over 300 years, and besides that, no black blood ever had any occasion to mix in with the Scottish monarchy. I mean, it could've, but as From Hell proved, the royal family definitely has ways of dealing with a situation like that. A very accurate comic, that From Hell is, as well as highly entertaining.

No way this Idi Amin was involved. I mean, unless he was immortal. And you all know how likely that is. Heh, an immortal scotsman. Can you believe it? Who'd ever think up such a crazy idea? It's preposturous!


This has been Scam America!, always looking out FOR YOU!

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