David Letterman

This isn't any kind of slander report, since no one lied. More like I'd like to voice a concern, if not for others than just for myself.

Tonight, David Letterman, who has been rambling along since the cancellation of his NBC morning show in the early 80s, has Rod Blagoyavich on The Late Show. What?

I've been an almost constant member of the late-night talk-show audience (hell, late-night TV in general) for some years, and one of the cardinal rules I've observed is that there should, must, be an amability between host and guest. A certain friendliness. They don't need to be friends in reality, but it befits the flow of the show for the two to get along, not simply for the host to pick out interesting questions. If they can't do it genuinely, they must at least feign it winningly.

Taking into the account the sheltered personality I believe Mr. Letterman has, there are few guests on his show that I'd say are actual friends. Really only a handful, like Bill Murray, Amy Sedaris, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Don Rickles, maybe even Regis. And although he's never done an excellent job at it, he has always managed to feign that empathy necessary between interviewer and interviewer. Even if for fluff.

The only "testy" relationships I've seen Dave have were with Charles Grodin and Bill O'Reilly; the first fabricated, the second, on earlier occassions at least, real. But am to believe that he can actually pull off having, I don't know...some sort of connection with this Blagoyavich? I doubt it. So why is he doing it?

O'Reilly doesn't matter, he's only a critic so it's all talk. But Blagoyavich was on the other side of the court, where he actually held responsibilities, held say. He was in a position of power! And the weasle completely soiled it.

There are some things on television that I cannot watch, that are simply too awkward. People eating bugs I can take, but interviews like this, or lame acceptance speeches I cannot. Why is Letterman doing this? That rat bastard Blagoyavich can't just play it off like McCain did when he came back after snubbing Dave for Katie Couric, with "It was a bonehead move." This isn't just a faux-pas we're talking about!

Will people clap when he comes on? This man can't just play it off, he can't just say look, I made a mistake. That rat bastard fucked himself! What else is there to say?

Since when did Dave become Oprah, inviting fools onto the program just to flog them. Assuming that's what Letterman does; really, what else can he do?

I cannot believe it. I guess I'll have to get over this phobia of watching awkward things on TV just to see what happens.

Or maybe it's just an excuse to get his handsome mug a little more exposure.

We'll see.


  1. "A guide to all the swindler's who have pulled a fast one on our great nation."

    I'm going to beat the shit out of you with that misused apostrophe.

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  3. I don't know who told you I'm bilingual, padre, but keep listening to em.

  4. Did anyone watch it? Does anyone have a reaction to how it went?

    I watched Joaquin Phoenix on Thursday night's Letterman (2/26/09.) Phoenix was the absolute worst guest I ever saw. He was so bad, it was almost like Dave were interviewing Andy Warhol who would answer each question with an alternating Yes or No. No matter what the first question, Warhol would answer Yes, then No to the next and Yes to the next.

    Phoenix is an actor. Couldn't he ACT like he wanted to be there?

  5. He's obviously doing some sort of prank mockumentary or something. Watch the interview on youtube and you'll see how at the end he got up, took off his shades and starting chatting up Dave, maybe about the truth about his behavior.

    That dumbass. The second you hear it's all being filmed by generic ben affleck you know it's a ruse.